AOC Uses New Zealand Mosque Terror To Mock Prayer & Attack Trump, Gets Destroyed

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez decided to politicize the New Zealand mosque attack, pandering to her followers in one of her most disgusting moves yet. “What good are your thoughts & prayers when they don’t even keep the pews safe?” asked the former bartender. Well, the 29-year-old immediately got destroyed. Don’t miss this.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was up late last night burning the midnight oil so she could trash people of faith and the NRA over the New Zealand mosque attack. We really don’t understand how the NRA has anything to do with a country on the other side of the world, but leave it to the former bartender to see a connection where none exists.

Authorities arrested four individuals — three men and one woman — in what was described by CNN as “a coordinated and unprecedented attack that has shocked the usually peaceful nation.”

“The attack, which occurred during Friday prayers, has killed 49 people as of this writing and wounded dozens of others. In two tweets, Ocasio-Cortez mocked the idea of sending ‘thoughts and prayers’ to the victims of the shootings. After significant pushback, clarified that the target of her criticism was the NRA,” Breitbart reported. 

Yes, AOC had to correct her first tweet after she noticed people thought she was possibly referring to the New Zealand Prime Minister Ardern, who of course, offered thoughts and prayers to the families affected by the tragic shooting.

“At 1st I thought of saying, ‘Imagine being told your house of faith isn’t safe anymore.’ But I couldn’t say ‘imagine.’ Because of Charleston. Pittsburgh. Sutherland Springs. What good are your thoughts & prayers when they don’t even keep the pews safe?” tweeted the New York Congresswoman who added, “Thoughts and prayers’ is reference to the NRA’s phrase used to deflect conversation away from policy change during tragedies. Not directed to PM Ardern, who I greatly admire.)”

The NRA had not and, as of the writing, still has not reacted to the Christchurch attacks. There is also no evidence that it invented the phrase “thoughts and prayers.”

“Moreover, New Zealand already has gun control measures similar to those Democrats want to pass into law in the United States, including the universal background check bill that the Democrat-controlled U.S. House of Representatives passed last month,” Breitbartadded.

The NRA has argued that a better way to stop mass shootings would be to encourage responsible gun ownership and make armed guards available to vulnerable targets like schools. Early reports from Christchurch indicated that an armed Muslim man helped chase away assailants from the second mosque that was attacked.

AOC also retweeted this disgusting attack on President Trump and his supporters: “The #NewZealandMosqueShooting hits very close to home for American Muslims. Why? B/c New Zealand Terrorists: •Admit 45 & American Right Wingers radicalized them •Used same logos as Charlottsville Nazis •Cite same white supremacy online hate as do American white supremacists.”

Do these idiots realize disturbed individuals can blame anyone they want? How about John Hinkley Jr. who shot Ronald Reagan? He blamed it on the actress Jodie Foster. Anyone who shoots up a place of worship is deranged. A total of 63 million Americans voted for Trump, but according to AOC, we are all neo-Nazis.

Well, Americans were livid at AOC. “Saying thoughts and prayers do nothing in the immediate aftermath of people murdered while **praying** in their house of worship is the single dumbest f*cking nuclear take I’ve ever seen on this website. Ever,” tweeted conservative writer Stephen Miller. “I don’t care who it came from. She’s an overexposed child. But *of course* it came from *that* person. Of course, it did. Do yourselves a favor and mute her. Forever.”